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Unimec Compacting Pedestrian Rollers

Picture of W71A Pedestrian RollerThe Unimec W71A is the most advanced pedestrian roller available today.


  • Hydrostatic drive coupled with fingertip controls.


  • Infinitely varied speed coupled to higher centrifugal force.


  • Underslung counterweights minimise kick-back and operator fatigue.


  • Simplified transmission and vibrator drive, sealed bearings.


Robin EH25-2D 8.5HP 4 stroke engine is provided as standard. This manual start engine provides more that adequate power. Other engines are available on order.



The Unimec Roller is fitted with an Eaton Hydrostatic fan cooled combined pump valve motor unit, giving infinitely variable speeds to a maximum of 3KPH forward and reverse with automatic braking on inclines and when roller is parked.

Control is through a fingertip lever on the handle actuating a morse teleflex aircraft type control cable. System is fitted with external free wheeling control allowing roller to be moved when engine is not running.

Final drive is through a primary chain to a fully enclosed secondary pinion and internal ring gear. The Pinion is mounted via heavy duty sealed roller bearings.



A single vibrator shaft is mounted inside the drum and runs on twin row pre-lubricated ball bearings. Vibration is isolated from the frame and transmission by means of combined torsional and shear mounts. Drive to the vibrator shaft is through an 'A' section v-belt engaged by a fingertip control lever on the handle.


FRAME - Folded and Boxed Steel

A folded and boxed steel fabrication with central lifting/protection frame giving single point slinging. Full width parking legs and adjustable scrapers are fitted to both front and back of the machine. A tie down point is provided under the handle.


A 20 litre water tank complete with bronze control valve and full width sprinkler bar.

Technical Data W71A Roller
 Weight (operating)   375Kg
 Length Overall   2060mm
 Width Overall   850mm
 Height to top of lifting point   1230mm
 Speeds - Infinitely variable   0 - 3KPH Fwd/Rev
 Vibration Frequency   75 Hz
 Centrifugal Force   12 kN
 Nominal working grade  - vibrating 33%
   - non vibrating 45%
 Drum width   710mm (28")
 Drum diameter   558mm
 Ground clearance  - edge roll side 400mm
   - drive side 65mm
 Overhang  - edge roll side 20mm
   - drive side 120mm
 Capacity  - water 20 litre
   - fuel 6 litre
 Maximum lift  - non cohesive soil 150/200mm
   - cohesive soil 100mm